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NEW SERIES - In Full Bloom

I discovered my passion for visual storytelling through photography. I love the opportunity to share the beauty around me. The Pacific Coast, the abundance of flowers, and my travels out of the country tell the story of how I experience the beauty before me.  

This series I call In Full Bloom because I learned how to live in full bloom from my friend Elizabeth Murray while she introduced me to a week in Monet's Garden in 2017. I forever changed the way I see my environment.


Book Available! "Rock Faces of Weston Beach"

Rock Faces of Weston Beach came from the State Park at Point Lobos near Carmel, California. I am now selling a book of the collection that is accompanied with Native American prayers and proverbs. View images and choose from a book, a print(s) or a calendar. 

Send an email of your interest and I will respond to buying options. 


My Journey

I started shooting photographs when I lived in Germany. After 3-5 careers, I've come to a place I call "refocusing". I am doing it by using my camera. Others call it retirement. I'm totally invested in my photography. I have enough photographs to keep me busy until 2050. I am shooting, developing, printing and now selling some of my work. If you are interested in purchasing a photo, a book, a calendar

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